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We are a financial consultancy firm specialized in advanced financial modelling and quantitative analysis. We assist companies to make strategic decisions and are C-level sparring partners. Examples of our assignments are: defining the optimal R&D portfolio for a diagnostic company, financial market entry strategy for Pharma company, capital budgetting for a lease company, Artificial Intelligence support for optimizing a portfolio of lease objects.

We use a strong quantitative approach to assess the best available business strategies for our clients and to assist them with making strategic investment decisions. All our assignments are based on questions relating maximizing the value . Most of our assignments involve large investments whereby the strategic decision needs to be based on profound analysis. An evaluation of project in a dynamic environment is often more complex than the standard net present value analysis may suggest, which implicitly assumes a static view of investment decisions and projected cash flows. An sound analysis can only be made with complex and in depth models which also covers aspects of uncertainty and continuous learning modus.


  • 25.05.2015 Acquisition Support for DX company

    ValuebasedManagement provided acquisition support for an investor to acquire a DX company. The support contained valu

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  • 10.11.2014 New Assigment – R&D Dashboard for Life Science Company

    For this assignment we will build a R&D portfolio KPI dashboard. This decision dashboard will include filters for qualit

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