Valuation services

Valuation services


In certain cases the value of an investment object cannot easily be assessed as the development of certain value drivers are uncertain, follow a non linear path and have an intra dependency.

Traditional Discounted Cash Flow reasoning does not take into account the path dependencies of uncertain factors which derive the future cash flow.  Most valuators just take the mean outcome and increase the discount factor as a compensation for the risk involved. We assess the full spectrum of outcomes and use this outcome to provide insight in the value. We not only believe our approach is the best approach but this approach provides insight better insights in the substantiation of the valuation.

We use our strong quantitative approach to build our case by case valuation models in detail. We narrow the subjective character of a valuation by substantiating all uncertain elements. Our results are used for investment committees, for litigation cases and for strategic decisions in board rooms.

Examples of our valuation assignments are: 

  • valuation of exotic investment products for a litigation procedure
  • valuation of royalty portfolio of a pharma company by using detailed portfolio simulation under uncertainty
  • valuation of CDO by using detailed portfolio simulation under uncertainty
  • valuation of oil concession by using the real option theory
  • valuation of a class action case by building a valuation of the portfolio of all losses of an exotic financial instrument
  • valuation and providing insight of the funding needs of a portfolio of electric vehicle charging points
  • valuation of a biotech product portfolio (different stam cell applications)

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